Smarter IT support 24/7

Let the Voicebot optimize, automate and streamline your internal support


Solve issues around the clock

Increase productivity by ensuring that your employees are never hampered by IT challenges. With the Supportbot, they can always call in and get help – even outside oof pening hours.


Free up time for better support

Forgotten password? Pension questions? Unknown Wi-Fi code? The Supportbot answers the most common questions, so your employees have more time for the complex cases.


Integrates into all systems

The Supportbot can automate many tasks itself. In addition, it can easily be integrated into all your internal systems and create tickets, change passwords, etc.

How it work

The market's leading Supportbot

Easy to set up - even easier to use

What happens when your customer calls via the Voicebot?

Complex solution - unreasonably easy to use


Connect to your phone system

CleverCall can easily connect to your existing telephone system. You do not have to change your system or phone number to get a smarter solution.


Instant response always

Instantly, no phone queue, the Voicebot picks up. Your customer can ask their question, which the Voicebot can understand and answer.


Automatic text messages

The Voicebot can send texts with information, tickets, instructions or links to video guides. Your employee can then chat with the bot over text.


Service desk integration

The Voicebot can easily be integrated with all Servicedesk systems. It can perform tasks such as creating tickets directly in your system.

Listen to CleverCall voice's high sound quality

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24/7 Help

Remove employees' technical obstacles and fix their IT challenges quickly and cost-effectively – while freeing up time for the more complicated problems.


More automation

The Voicebot can handle everything from people calling in sick to general HR questions. The Voicebot can also perform sentiment analysis of internal calls, which gives insight into employee satisfaction and professional demeanor.

AI receptionist

An AI-driven switchboard

The Voicebot can intelligently distribute and forward the calls. It works like a regular receptionist, because its AI is designed to quickly analyze which employee the call should be forwarded to, while also being able to answer basic questions.

The Voicebot creates a better company. Here's how.

We future-proof companies with the market's foremost AI contact center


Open 24/7

With a Supportbot, you are always available to your employees. They can call around the clock to get help or simple answers to questions - all year round.


Clever AI forwarding

The Voicebot's AI understands the caller’s needs and can analyze which employee or department the call should be forwarded to. It saves time and resources.


New time and energy

The Supportbot can handle up to 70% of all inquiries. This relieves the employees and frees up more time to solve complex tasks better and faster.


More self-service

Many prefer to call in with questions, mostly because it is faster and easier for your employees to express their intention through speech than in writing.


Increased productivity

When the Supportbot quickly helps employees and also relieves the various departments, it undeniably increases productivity among the entire company.


No waiting time

With CleverCall, your employees do not have to wait in a telephone queue to get answers to their questions. The Supportbot always picks up the phone on the first ring.

A future-proof investment

Create clever, concrete results


Automate up to %


Increase employee satisfaction %


Up-time %


Faster handeling %

Connect to the tools you love



The perfect addition if you receive many inquiries via phone



Automate calls and processes when support gets questions about a-z



Let the Voicebot create tickets, bookings and generate more data



Give your CRM new energy with a new channel for quick answers over the phone



Forward calls to the right place faster with the AI switchboard receptionist



Use the phone as an effective contact point in the customer journey



Offer your employees fast IT support 24/7 with no waiting time


Your systems

You can easily connect CleverCall to your own internal systems

We can build bridges between CleverCall and all your systems.

A solution for all sizes

We have a plan that fits your company's needs and wishes


- 0
/Test CleverCall
  • 30 minutes for free
  • Access to CleverCall's platform
  • A free test phone number
  • The opportunity to go live


- 270 €
/Standard features
  • Digital customer service over the phone - Voicebot with automatic responses
  • Digital customer service via SMS
  • Automatically up to 15 questions
  • 1000 minutes monthly
  • Forwarding to up to 5 people
  • Live transcription


- 999 €
/Growth plan
  • AI Receptionist over the phone - Voicebot with automatic responses
  • AI receptionist over SMS
  • Forwarding to phone numbers
  • Personalized onboarding process
  • Live transcription
  • Forwarding to IP numbers
  • 5000 minutes monthly
  • 30 agents/groups
  • Smart Forwarding
  • Training
  • SLA
  • Integration to own telephony system


- Contact for price
  • AI Receptionist over the phone - Voicebot with automatic responses
  • AI receptionist over SMS
  • Forwarding to phone numbers and IP numbers
  • Integration to own telephony system
  • Customized data processing agreement
  • SLA
  • Custom analytics & reports
  • Personalized onboarding process
  • Training


Be inspired by other companies's use of CleverCall

Voicebot creates a better citizen service

The Voicebot helps citizens

Since mid-2021, CleverCall’s Voicebot has answered the phone when citizens called Egedal municipality.

Efficient and automatic customer service

The Servicebot must take 50% calls

As Copenhagen’s largest housing administration, FSB will use the Voicebot to automate the many repetitive inquiries.

Supportbot helps 8,500 employees

The Servicebot assists outside opening hours

When Vejle Municipality’s IT support closes the phone line, the help does not stop. The Supportbot is ready to fix the problems.

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