Egedal Municipality’s Voicebot for citizens and employees

Faster service. Better experiences. Happier employees.

Since the summer of 2021, Egedal Municipality has used CleverCall to be more present for its citizens and relieve its employees of the stress of constant calls. Read more about the Municipality’s progress, results, and future plans here.

Problem: Long telephone queues to get redirected to the right department. Pressured employees who lacked time for more complicated inquiries.
Solution: All calls go directly to CleverCall’s Voicebot, which transfers the call to the right department. The Voicebot also helps directly with appointment bookings and answers a large number of questions.
Result: 60% reduction in calls to the Receptionist who usually reroutes the calls. Less stressed employees. More time for the citizens who are in need of more help.
The future: Expand the number of tasks automated by the Voicebot. In addition, the municipality has a goal to use the Voicebot’s analysis function more.
Bonus: The Voicebot is especially appreciated when new events happen that generate many calls over a short period of time. In January for example, several hundred citizens called Egedal to ask about MitID, which the Voicebot immediately transferred to the Danish Agency for Digitalisation.

With CleverCall, Egedal Municipality has achieved:


Quicker help for citizens

CleverCall has no phone queues, ensuring fast access to help. Because no citizen wants to spend their day in a queue for the municipality.


More time for the citizens

By automating many of the telephone tasks, CleverCall has freed up many hours of work - which are now used to provide a better service.


Happier employees

Employees can feel the significant drop in calls that they have to handle. It has created less stress and more joy in everyday life.


% Reduction in calls to the forwarder


% of Inquiries are processed correctly

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