More knowledge. Better consulting.

Create more value for your customers with CleverCall in your portfolio


Expand your skill set

Knowledge sharing is a benchmark for a CleverCall collaboration. We make sure you’re well equipped to counsel on conversational AI and intelligent telephony.


Better, future-proof business development

Strengthen your customer base, your company, and your brand by providing a product and service that optimizes processes and frees up enormous resources.


Financial success

Create financial success for your customers - and your own business! You receive a financial kick-back from each new CleverCall customer that you have referred.


The market's leading Voicebot

High response rate and fantastic sound quality

Fix problems on the go

The AI receptionist

How to create a Voicebot

How does a partnership with CleverCall work?

Clever solutions. Better consulting.


Knowledge sharing

Your core employees get an AI skill boost and are trained in the opportunities of the CleverCall system.



You advise your customers on how they can optimize their processes and free up resources with CleverCall.



We help and guide the customer to set up CleverCall and integrate it into their own systems.



You receive an agreed-upon financial kick-back for each new CleverCall customer that you have referred.

Listen to the high sound quality of CleverCall’s voice

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The market's best offer

Do you offer contact center solutions? Then it would be natural to add an omnichannel AI contact center to your portfolio to offer the most comprehensive solution on the market.


Market-leading consultancy

Do you make a living by offering the best advice in digitalization, optimization and effectiveness? Do your customers want to use technological developments to create a smarter business – as they have heard AI experts preach about for years? Then a CleverCall collaboration is the obvious choice.

Innovation and IT advisors

Clever consulting

Do you make a living by being a frontrunner in innovation or digitization? Make it easy to help your customers reap the many benefits of CleverCall. Leave behind a more effective organization with huge resource savings – and secure your next reference.

The smartest solution you can offer your customers. Here's why.

We future-proof companies with the market's leading AI contact center


Better customer service

Elevate the company’s customer experience with a solution that can answer calls 24/7 and, at the same time, ensure no waiting time or phone queues.


Clever AI forwarding

Reap a low-hanging fruit with a simple AI forwarder. The Voicebot's AI understands the user's needs and analyses who the call should be forwarded to.


Free up resources

CleverCall's Voicebot can handle up to 70% of all inquiries. It frees up an abundance of resources - financially but also mentally - for your employees who have more time.


More self-service

Businesses are looking for more self-service options, while customers prefer to call in with questions. CleverCall helps with both.


Reliable great quality

We guarantee high quality in everything, from the Voicebot's record high response rate to its sound quality and up-time. You’re sure to deliver a quality product with CleverCall.


Automate & analyze

We are experts in automating and analyzing calls to create more data and turn it into valuable insights to optimize the company’s resources.

A future-proof investment

Create clever concrete results


Automate up to %


Increase employee satisfaction %


Up time %


Faster handeling %

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