Supportbot for Vejle Municipality

Helping with IT challenges around the clock

Vejle Municipality has just over 8,500 employees, and their IT challenges don’t only arise during IT support's opening hours. So, Vejle was looking for a solution where they could help the employees with their IT challenges at all hours of the day - making CleverCall the obvious choice.
Problem: Many IT challenges arise outside Support’s opening hours, which hampers the employees in their work. At the same time, it also creates increased pressure on the Support department at the beginning of opening hours.
Solution: CleverCall’s Supportbot sits ready to answer all calls outside the support department’s opening hours. The Supportbot helps by giving concrete answers and sending links with in-depth instructions and video guides.
Result: Since February 2022, Vejle Municipality’s 8,500 employees have been able to call in and get help with their IT challenges at all hours of the day. So, the school teacher is no longer hampered in their preparation for class due to a forgotten password or a malfunctioning mouse.
The future: With continuous training in the daily questions, the Supportbot is constantly getting smarter and better at helping the employees with all kinds of problems. The Supportbot is constantly learning, but never forgets.
Bonus: If your support department is very busy, you can also use the Supportbot during opening hours. Here, the Supportbot can answer all the simple questions and help with a number of the typical IT challenges. In this way, the support department is relieved in daily life and experiences fewer interruptions when they are dealing with more complicated cases.

With CleverCall, Vejle Municipality has achieved:


24/7 Help

The employees in Vejle can now have their problems fixed around the clock, every day - without waiting a minute in a telephone queue.


More time freed up

By handling many IT challenges, CleverCall has freed up many hours of work, which can be used on the more complicated IT issues.


Happier employees

The employees in the municipality get rid of frustrating IT problems faster, while the IT department is relieved.


% of Inquiries answered correctly


% Up-time

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